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Narcissist: A Complete Guide for Dealing with Narcissism and Creating the Life You Want by Judy Dyer EPUB

Do you suspect that your partner, parent, or friend is a narcissist?

Maybe, you have been aware that your significant other has been a narcissist for some time, but you don’t know how to break free from the relationship. Regardless of the situation that you are in at present, having a narcissist in your life is emotionally, psychologically, and physically draining.

Narcissists are incapable of showing empathy. They are selfish, needy, and vicious. Whatever the capacity of the relationship you have with a narcissist, whether it is a romantic partner, a parent, a friend, or your boss, it is essential you either exit the relationship immediately. Even if you are not able to do that, learn how to create healthy boundaries so that the narcissist does not cause you further damage. This book will show you exactly how to do so.

If you are an empath and have found that you constantly attract narcissists, there is nothing wrong with you. Unfortunately, the very nature of your being is attractive to the narcissist. They feed off your energy and the supply that you give them. Narcissism is a complex disorder, and in order to break free from an abusive partner, it is important you understand the intricacies of this condition.

In Narcissist, you will discover:

Why narcissists are so attracted to you
How to spot red flags and remove yourself from the situation before it’s too late
What causes narcissistic personality disorder
What are powerful protection strategies to ensure you are never entrapped by a narcissist again
And much more....
Nobody deserves to suffer at the hands of a narcissist. You have the right to live an abundant and fulfilled life. If you have been a victim of narcissist abuse, there is freedom after the trauma you have endured. You can and you will find happiness again if you are willing to implement the strategies in this book.

Discover everything you need to know about the narcissist, today!


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